Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Christie, will he or won't he?

Is America ready for entitlement reforms?
Chris Christie seems to think so even after every attempt in the past has faced some pretty stiff opposition.

He also indicates that he's ready to run for president.

Chris Christie bets on bold
~I reminded Christie that four years ago, when he was on top of the political world, Republican contributors had urged him to run. Did he ever think back to those days and wonder if, you know, he kind of blew it? 
“Yeah, no,” Christie said, shaking his head. “’Cause I wasn’t ready. And in the end, remember something: Everything that everybody said back in 2011 about me running in 2012 was all theoretical. It was all based on the inherent assumption of ‘He’ll do well if he performs well." 
“Well, that second part of the sentence is really important,” he said. “The only way you’re going to perform well is if you believe in your heart that you’re ready to be president. And I didn’t. And so there was no way I would have won in 2012. I wouldn’t have, because I wasn’t ready.” 
I asked if he felt ready now. 
“Yes,” Christie answered, without a nanosecond’s hesitation.~
Like I said,,,,,it's going to be a long election cycle.

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