Monday, April 27, 2015

Maryland Gov. Calls out National Guard

I don't see how anyone could be surprised by what's happening in Baltimore. 
I hope the alphabet channels are proud of themselves.

Md. gov calls up National Guard after roving gangs attack police, torch patrol car and store
DEVELOPING:  Maryland's governor called up the National Guard late Monday hours after rioting gangs attacked police, injuring 15, torched cars and went on widespread looting sprees in a downtown section of Baltimore. 
Gov. Larry Hogan issued a statement late Monday saying he was declaring a state of emergency and calling up the National Guard. "These acts of violence and destruction of property cannot and will not be tolerated," he said at a late-night press conference.
In addition, he said he was deploying 500 state troopers and had asked for 5,000 officers from neighboring states to deal with the violence. 
But little seemed able to quell the violence. A massive fire has broke out Monday night in a building that was under construction and the Baltimore mayor's spokesman said it was related to the riots, according to the Associated Press.~snip~

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