Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What a Waste

Every time you go to work and sweat, strain. work overtime and struggle to pay your bills remember that the government has so little contempt for your labor.

They confiscate part of your pay to waste it.

Little Rock VA Hospital Tears Down Never-Used Solar Panels
Two years after being completed, $8-million-worth of solar panels at a Little Rock, Ark., Veterans Affairs hospital have never been turned on, and now the hospital is tearing down some of the panels.
A chunk of the roughly 7,000 inactive solar panels outside the Little Rock Veterans Affairs Hospital was recently dismantled to make way for a new parking garage, Little Rock news outlet KATV reports:
The panels are being taken down for the construction of a parking garage. Channel 7 News obtained video of some of the panels being torn down last week. The panels will eventually be relocated to the top of that parking garage.
The Central Arkansas VA would not release the estimated cost to construct the panels and then later deconstruct them, calling it “procurement sensitive information”, because the parking garage contract is ongoing.~snip~
What's really galling is that they feel no need to disclose the costs to us peasants because in their mind it's their money.

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