Thursday, April 9, 2015

New FCC Rules and New Taxes

You know that government has been chomping at the bit to get their greedy hands into the internet because of its enormous potential for taxes,taxes and more taxes.

FCC's net neutrality rules open door to new fee on Internet service
Recently adopted net neutrality regulations soon could make your monthly Internet bill more complicated — and potentially more expensive. 
Every month, consumers pay a small fee on their phone bills for a federal program that uses the money — a total of $8.8 billion raised nationwide last year — to provide affordable access to telecommunications services in rural areas, underserved inner cities and schools. 
Now the fee could start appearing on broadband bills too, in a major expansion of the nearly two-decade-old Universal Service Fund program.
It's not clear yet, however, if most consumers would end up paying more in total USF fees than they do now. 
In approving the tough rules for online traffic in February, the Federal Communications Commission put broadband in the same regulatory category as phone service, opening the door for the charges. ~snip~
To the government,especially democrats, the only reason for anything to exist is to tax it to fill the government coffers.
The internet will be no different as other forms of communication or entertainment go the way of the IBM Selectric typewriter.

Now that the FCC has seized jurisdiction of the internet the door will be opened to levy taxes on it at will driving up the cost and reducing the reliability.

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